B2b brand spotlight: 4 of the best b2b brands and why

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You know, there are some really top b2b brands out there. Here are some of our favourites:


Just look at these guys! Things we love about them: They manage to speak equally to the big guy and the little guy AND they make sure they have relevant content for everyone. Their site is super-interactive, with plenty of conversations and giveaways. No flat, one-dimensional ‘product brochure’ websites here.


Love it or hate it (it’s the former for us), there’s no disputing that LinkedIn has really established itself as a brand now. In fact it has its feet so firmly entrenched under the table that many of us don’t even really think of it as a b2b brand at all – it’s just part of everyday life. We love how they pitch themselves equally well to business and the individual.


If you’re ever feeling that Fun and Feelgood are two ingredients in short supply on the b2b menu, take a look at these guys. It starts at their bold and ballsy logo – more at home on a baseball pitch than the b2b arena - and goes all the way to their fun, human and surprisingly cheese-free products (check out the t-shirt that says ‘My boss thinks I’m kind of a big deal’). Loads of fun.


Kimberly-Clark are a nice example of how a house of brands can serve both the b2c market and the b2b market: they’re doing a good job of walking the tightrope between achieving harmony between two brands and keeping them separate and distinct.

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