3 brands that nailed their b2b social media strategy

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In March this year, the results of a comprehensive study into the use of social media by Australian companies - 'Australia's Social Media Presence in 2012; The Roadmap for 2013' were released.

The study, funded by the Australian Government Department of Industry and Innovation, reviewed the online presence of Australia's top 200 B2B companies. It is the largest study ever done on B2B companies globally.

An online presence is becoming increasingly important in order to create the best b2b social media campaigns. 93% of business buyers believe all companies should have a social media presence, however, few B2B companies are successfully differentiating themselves from their B2C adversaries, and even fewer in-depth studies are concentrating on the differences.

Who are the stand-out b2b social performers?

While Australian b2b companies may be behind in their social journeys, we think social has a great place in the b2b marketing mix. Don’t believe us? Take a look at what our international b2b counterparts are doing.


HubSpot have done a great job of leveraging Instagram as part of their social. The company uploads fresh content to Instagram such as photos showing their company culture, photos that highlight their customers, and photos that highlight key events they've partaken in. They have created an engaging balance of fun imagery and business-focussed photos.


Specialising in hardware and software doesn’t immediately conjure up exciting social campaign ideas, yet Oracle has managed to forge an identity on their social media platforms that get their customers involved in their projects and personalises their service. Oracle post pictures of their team, share information on the various conventions they’ve attended and repost any developments in their field. We think Oracle is a great example of how to integrate a company into customers’ lives.


Kinaxis, a supply chain management company launched an online social video campaign with the lofty aim of doubling leads and web traffic numbers. To achieve this, they created a series called Suitemates – a comedy following two businessmen that get sent to jail following a shady corporate merger. (Featuring two recognisable actors in Kevin Pollack and Ray Wise, it’s safe to say that Kinaxis probably had a fairly sizeable budget backing its campaign.)

Suitemates had a mini-site that featured all the episodes and a competition to win an iPad. By using humour to lure customers in and by avoiding any obvious sales messages, Kinaxis achieved the results it was looking for – web traffic increased by 2.7% and there was a 3.2% increase in leads.

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