Squiz is an award-winning web solutions and user engagement company which has gone from strength to strength since their foundation in 1998. Squiz's awe-inspiring technologies and smart, nutty and inspiring people make them one of our favourite clients.

A decade and a half of stellar growth had left Squiz in an interesting situation: suddenly a significant multinational company, with 300+ employees and a much sought-after spot in Gartner’s Magic Quadrant, Squiz were now attracting attention of not only the media but also a new, more high-end type of buyer, with a whole new set of needs and requirements.

Repositioned to appeal to changed market
Product and services messaging
Centralised, global brand standards

Welcome though this attention was, it meant that Squiz had well and truly outgrown their old positioning of ‘Supported open-source solutions’. Not only did it lack relevance for their new audience, it had also lost its unique value: what was once an unrivalled proposition a few years ago had now been relegated to a generic feature as other providers had moved into the market. 

What’s more, while the market had been busy doing its thing, the guys at Squiz had been busy developing a new skill set – one that was turning out to be more popular than a hot-dog stand at a darts convention. Almost without realising it, they’d developed a great line in web services (digital strategy, user experience, web design and build, training, cloud hosting and tech support), but – being the self-effacing folk that they are – they hadn’t been actively promoting it. So this hotter-than-hot offering was hidden away at the back of the business, playing second fiddle to the technology.

When Squiz came to Bc, they didn’t have a clear idea of what they needed: more a general feeling of having outgrown old clothes (you know the one?). The Bc team soon had their sleeves rolled up and were head-down, bum-up in the Squiz Stickler: First Bc needed to help Squiz come up with a new brand promise that was current, unique, meaningful and did justice to their extraordinary skill set. A brand positioning workshop got this nailed. Along with a detailed market review and insights gleaned from key people to find out what made Squiz unique (turned out there was quite a lot) it was all brought to life with a peachy new brand.

Next Bc helped Squiz look again at their business structure and how they were presenting their services. We re-jigged things in a way that made sense and presented most value to their market, and proposed establishing their web services as a separate arm of the business, and one to be shouted about: Squiz Digital.

Bc then ran a series of workshops for each Squiz product, pinpointing the unique features that made their products and services, well… just awesome… and weighing up how they stacked up against the competition. We provided Squiz with a ‘word bank’ and copy guidelines to help them shout this awesomeness from the rooftops.

While this was all going on we sat down with Squiz to help them bring their brand to life with compelling images, copy, context and examples, all delivered through their new website…

Squiz's John-Paul Syriatowicz

"Brand Chemistry have crafted an authentic yet inspiring brand for Squiz. Our clients love the promise and our staff have a newfound energy driven by a clear, succinct and uniting brand vision. I’ve relished the privilege of working closely with Zoe Palmer, Managing Director of Brand Chemistry. I cannot speak highly enough of her skill at effecting change under tight deadlines while all the time aligning, educating and empowering stakeholders. I look forward to closely involving Brand Chemistry in the future evolution of Squiz as I frequently find myself wondering how we ever managed without them."


The Results

Now, Squiz were the first to admit that their website was no longer up to the game: one-dimensional and a beast to navigate, it was in no way reflective of either Squiz’s ingenious web design talents, or their colourful spirit. The guys at Squiz did an amazing job of delivering on their brand promise through engaging and personalised content and it was a privilege to be involved in this process. The new site speaks for itself: take a look at www.squiz.net.

So, with the rebrand in the bag, the new website flying and Squiz Digital attracting plenty of interest, we’re getting there… we’re now working with the Squiz team (in three different countries) to rebrand all their collateral and train the Squiz teams on the new brand.


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