Main project goal: Increased customer referrals for business growth

Have unique piping needs? Look no further than Advanced Piping Systems!

As Australia’s number one polyethylene (PE) pipe, fabrication and fittings specialist, Advanced Piping Systems provides custom prefabricated solutions using cutting-edge fittings and pipe systems technology. They also boast a satisfied client database, with a strong Net Promotor Score of 60.9.

Looking to capitalise on these results, the team at Advanced Piping Systems engaged Brand chemistry to develop a fully automated customer referral program on HubSpot.

The strategy

To kick things off, Bc met with the team at Advanced Piping Systems to take a deep dive into their customer database and the positive feedback they had captured. Natalie Gschwandtner, Marketing Manager at Advanced Piping Systems, says it all began with strong results from Net Promoter Score (NPS) surveys.

“We were conducting regular NPS surveys and noticed we had a lot of happy customers - we wanted to use this opportunity to capture some customer referrals,” said Natalie.

Having worked with Brand chemistry on a previous project, Natalie says partnering with us again was a no-brainer.

“We were impressed with the level of detail and their HubSpot skills. The team just has a detailed understanding of the technology, processes and marketing assets required to make such a program work.”

Once we got a handle on Advanced Piping Systems' goals, we began the strategic development and implementation of two customer marketing programs: a referral program and an onboarding nurture program.


The execution

Lead generation was the aim of the game for the customer referral program. For each referral lead that became a customer, Advanced Piping Systems was to provide the referrer with a bespoke gift to the value of $750.

To capture customer referrals, Bc worked closely with the team at Advanced Piping Systems to develop:

  • A referral landing page to capture referrals

  • A sequence of emails inviting referrals from new and repeat customers

  • HubSpot workflows designed to automate typically manual processes for the sales team

This was coupled with an onboarding nurture program to help increase satisfaction among new customers. With most of Advanced Piping Systems' business coming from repeat business, this program would ultimately increase repeat sales opportunities.

As part of this program, Bc created a series of emails to inform new customers of:

  • The full range of Advanced Piping Systems' products and services

  • Advanced Piping Systems' value proposition

  • How to best work with Advanced Piping Systems during sales fulfillment, after-sales service, and processes for additional sales and services

Natalie praised the collaborative partnership we struck with her and the team to ensure all work was completed before launching.

“The team held my hand and made me feel very comfortable that everything was considered until the launch date,” Natalie said.

The results

Advanced Piping Systems received a new customer referral program and customer onboarding program, with all results trackable through custom dashboards in HubSpot.
To date, the customer referral program has enjoyed a 2% conversion rate, while customers are now more educated on Advanced Piping Systems' value proposition.
Natalie says the project was a great success, and has opened Advanced Piping Systems to more opportunities to engage with customers.
"Brand chemistry took the time to understand our clients, how they might feel about the program and how it could all be easily facilitated through HubSpot," Natalie said.
"They methodically created and reviewed all our workflows - and no modification was too much hassle. We were really happy with how everything was written. The Bc team made me look and feel good throughout the entire process."

“I would engage Brand chemistry again for another campaign. They have a deep knowledge of what’s required - but it’s really the collaboration that they provide which is phenomenal.”

Natalie Gschwandtner
Marketing Manager, Advanced Piping Systems

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