It’s around this time every year that the holiday communications rolling in. As b2b marketers it’s our job to make sure that your latest meticulously-crafted marketing message isn’t lost with Santa’s little helpers.

A recent study by Business2Community revealed 47% of participants said they make their decision to open an email based on the content in the subject line.

With that statistic in mind, it’s pretty easy to understand how quickly we make the decision to read or delete what appears in our inbox. So if you can’t get your reader past your subject line, then nothing else matters. How you segment your list, how you personalize your message, the content you create, and the offer you craft is irrelevant if your subject line doesn’t get your readers opening the email in the first place.

With so much competition in the inbox at this time of year, crafting the perfect b2b email subject line could be the missing link in your successful b2b email marketing strategy.

Top tips for an irresistible subject line:

1. Where possible include your company’s name in the subject line

Particularly to current client databases, opening an email from a company they have done business with - or are at least familiar with - has a better chance of getting opened than an email from an unknown company.

2. Keep it short and sweet (45 to 55 characters maximum)

Some email servers like outlook cut off the subject line (depending on screen size and layout), so make your subject line is concise and to the point.

3. Include your email offer in the subject line (e.g. “Download eBook”)

If your offer is tempting enough to your audience, people will open it.

4. Keep your subject line format consistent

Whether you ask a question, post an offer or make a statement, following a consistent format can help with recognition. This needs to be balanced with a degree of variety though: it’s important to stay fresh and engaging.

5. Send emails from the same person, so prospects recognize the sender’s name.

Gone are the days of the impersonal email from “X Company”. B2b marketers need to come out from behind the cover of a corporate brand and humanise their communication.

6. Avoid spam filters

Steer clear of CAPITALS (apart from anything they make you seem like a crazy person), moderate your use of exclamation marks (another way to come across as a complete nut job – and get tangled in the spam filters) and other types of ‘creative punctuation’. Avoid words like “free,” “credit,” “offer” and “limited time only” as these can also trigger those pesky spam filters.

The bottom line: If your b2b emails aren’t getting the desired open rates it might be time to get back to basics and overhaul your email subject lines. 

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