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An 855% increase in monthly leads

Booking Boss

Helping to increase Booking Boss' leads

When Booking Boss, a b2b software company, began working with us here at Brand chemistry we instantly felt a connection. The team was energetic, excited and full of smart and creative people. That’s also what we like to think about our Brand chemistry team - so there was a match.

The Bc team put together a strategic inbound marketing plan for Booking Boss and soon the results started to speak for themselves. The relationship formed 11 months ago and since joining forces, Booking Boss has experienced an 855% increase in new leads per month. This is just one of the many results we’ve helped them to achieve. You can learn and understand more about the start-up's journey to marketing success below.

“The results speak for themselves! I firmly believe we have been able to achieve this level of success and continue to do so because of the collaborative relationship we have with the Brand Chemistry team. They are an exceptional team, they have made it their mission to really understand our business and we are thrilled to have found them.”

Renee Welsh, CEO, Booking Boss

Booking Boss

Booking Boss is an online booking platform for tour, activity and attraction operators. The start-up successfully secured investment in a Series A funding round. In April 2015 CEO Renee Welsh contacted Brand chemistry to work with us on a strategic inbound marketing plan and to help with the execution.

The Challenge

Booking Boss have built an incredible piece of software that helps make tour, activity and attraction owner’s lives easier — they knew it. They already had a number of loyal customers who loved their product.

But Booking Boss realised they needed to create greater awareness for their brand and product offering in the market. Their competitors had already invested aggressively in content marketing and were a little bit ahead of Booking Boss in terms of being seen as industry thought leaders.

The Plan

One of Booking Boss’ big strengths is their ability to build strategic partnerships and lasting business relationships, and it’s something we knew we could use to Booking Boss’ advantage in the digital space.

We developed an inbound marketing strategy that focused heavily on producing high quality, search engine-optimised content, and distributing it through the best channels to get it in front of the right audience. Blogs, case studies, downloadables. webinars and client testimonials were all part of the plan to help establish brand trust.

We also planned and implemented nurture streams designed to find out more about Booking Boss’ subscribers and turn them from leads into customers. The strategy further included guest blogging and savvy public relations techniques to get the maximum reach to the right people in the tourism b2b industry.

From their needs, we developed the following objectives:

  • Grow overall traffic to the Booking Boss website.
  • Build the Booking Boss website to a lead generation hub
  • Raise Booking Boss’ profile as the #1 booking software provider in Australia.
  • Drive and support Booking Boss’ push into the US.

The Results

In the 11 month period, Brand chemistry helped Booking Boss achieve the following:

  • 855% increase in new leads per month
  • 287% increase in search traffic to the Booking Boss website
  • 407% increase in website visits per month
  • Improve visits to leads conversion from 0.2% to 1.7%

Inbound marketing works so well for Booking Boss because…

Brand chemistry and Booking Boss worked hard to uncover a complete understanding of what makes the Booking Boss product unique. We also put buyer personas at the heart of every initiative. This commitment to the brand and Booking Boss’ tone of voice allowed us to create unique, relevant content that generates genuine cut-through.

“The focus was on the quality and relevance of the content rather than just publishing ‘me-too’ content that could come from anyone,” Andrea Hoymann, Brand chemistry’s Head of Content says.

“Another reason why the inbound marketing approach worked was because the relationship between Booking Boss and Brand chemistry is highly collaborative, transparent and fun. And today, a year on, we’re proud to say we’re still working with Booking Boss and enjoying the experience more and more every day.”

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