Like many sectors, industry health funds have been under significant competitive pressure in recent years. Having to compete with the retail funds while their own audience is restricted, as well as having limited budgets, has led many industry funds to get very clever with their marketing and sales processes.

Navy Health is no exception. Recognising that the sales team needed a little extra help to uncover customer needs and suggest a solution that might meet them, Navy Health came to Brand chemistry.

When the team at Navy Health fed back on Bc’s ‘Dial It Up’ phone sales training, a whopping 100% of them said that the training would make them better and more confident at their jobs, and that they’d learned a lot – and enjoyed their training!

100% of participants said that the training has made them better and more confident in their jobs, and that they learned a lot
100% of participants fully enjoyed the training, and said it was completely relevant to their role and organisation
1-to-1 coaching personalised to each participant’s needs saw successful implementation of new tools in the team’s working day
Navy Health winning sales training

Brand chemistry’s consultative sales training program gave the sales team some tips, tools and systems they needed to give their work some rigour.

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"The results were evident with a significant increase in confidence to manage new business potentials and they picked up a number of tips and techniques in effective customer management. They all valued the benefit of a facilitator who could provide examples from their real life experiences as comparisons. This clearly assisted with the engagement of the team. The follow up one-on-one coaching provided a great opportunity to personalise the learning to each persons’ needs."


The Results

82% of trainees reported feeling ‘very confident’ or ‘confident’ about managing new business (with the remaining 18% reporting feeling ‘quite confident’), as compared to only 27% prior to the training. Keep up the great work, Navy Health!

Navy Health winning sales training

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