KYOCERA Document Solutions Australia is the Asia-Pacific branch of KYOCERA Document Solutions Inc. Renowned for its innovative eco-conscious print technology, KYOCERA’s reliable and efficient products and solutions help businesses achieve greater productivity.

Transitioning from traditional to digital marketing

While the business has enjoyed healthy customer growth thanks to outbound campaign activities, the ongoing results relied on continued media spend; once that was tapped out, the leads stopped flowing.

KYOCERA recognised the need to change its marketing approach from a media-centric outbound approach, to a content-centric inbound approach that would turn its own website into a magnet for a predictable and sustainable pool of qualified leads.

KYOCERA Document Solutions' Mark Vella

“Brand chemistry are very committed to understanding the business and using it to drive their strategy. They take the time to understand the inner workings of the company and the context of our business objectives. They understood the level of research and development needed to tie the strategy together. This is why they gave us the most confidence – their understanding of our business was embedded in their methodology for content production.”


Finding the right partner

With a small inhouse team and limited experience of inbound marketing, KYOCERA began a market scan to shortlist strategic agency partners to help them navigate the new landscape.

The partner needed to have:

  • B2b technology marketing expertise
  • A proven ability in working with the Hubspot marketing automation tool that was to be implemented
  • A demonstrated ability to plan, produce and distribute high-quality content that would cut through the noise and generate commercial results.

A list of four potential agencies became one throughout the pitching process, thus KYOCERA and Brand chemistry joined forces to deliver on the KYOCERA vision.

KYOCERA’s ANZ marketing team also liked the idea of having greater data visibility for making decisions on which channels, messages and formats to invest in further.

inbound marketing strategy
one powerful marketing automation platform
over $AU1.1M in pipeline revenue and $AU577K in sales
KYOCERA Document Solutions Australia - Inbound and content opportunity

The inbound and content opportunity

KYOCERA is a pure business-to-business brand, its purpose to service commercial business needs as efficiently and seamlessly as possible, while also being committed to sustainability. Despite its highly competitive eco-efficient product line, it wrestles with brand awareness on a daily basis, thanks to its competitors having strong brand awareness in consumer markets.

The strategy would therefore need to focus ample attention on raising KYOCERA’s profile in key markets, while nurturing and qualifying leads that were closer to their purchase stage.

The strategy

Bc kicked off the strategy development process with a deep dive into KYOCERA’s target audiences, developing buyer personas and identifying opportunities for maximum traction with unique, well-researched, yet approachable content.

The comprehensive strategy covered how we would:

  • Help KYOCERA understand the needs and behaviours of their target persona segments
  • Create relevant, compelling content and distribute it in the most appropriate channels
  • Repurpose outdated content to supplement the new for faster results
  • Optimise the website for lead conversion
  • Build nurture strategies to guide buyers through the buying process with relevant and compelling content
  • Support KYOCERA trade events with pre-work, segmentation and nurture efforts
  • Create a prospect fit matrix to assist with sales and marketing alignment, as well as do lead scoring and opportunity prioritisation
  • Assist with and test the integration of KYOCERA’s Microsoft Dynamics CRM and HubSpot

Bc also facilitated the onboarding and set-up of Hubspot as their chosen marketing automation platform, for effective distribution, analytics and automation.

The execution

Once completed and approved both locally and by headquarters in Japan, Bc worked closely with KYOCERA to develop a custom execution process that ensured:

  • The business could maintain a high level of control in and throughout the project’s execution
  • KYOCERA’s marketing team was kept abreast of progress and any newly identified opportunities
  • The business could meet their demanding internal reporting requirements.
KYOCERA Document Solutions' Melissa Hatzi

“Brand chemistry don’t just execute - they think about how it impacts our business targets, and advise us accordingly. They keep us informed and are very transparent in their dealing with us. I always feel like we have total clarity, and they manage our projects very efficiently. This is why they’ve become an integral part of the business, and are effectively an extension of our team”


The Results

With Bc, KYOCERA Document Solutions Australia were able to:

  • Tap into the strategic expertise needed to successfully break into online marketing – and, most importantly, measure its success in relation to revenue
  • Derive data-backed clarity on what channels and marketing activities are cost-effective, while optimising existing campaigns for maximum performance
  • Track marketing KPIs, and improve proactivity and response time with lead generation tactics
  • Attribute $AU1.1M in pipeline revenue and $AU577K in sales through marketing over a period of 8 months, from October 2017 to June 2018.
KYOCERA Document Solutions inbound results

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