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Nicole Carbone, Marketing Manager, Higgins Coatings: When we were looking for an agency, we'd implemented HubSpot not long prior and we were really hoping to find an agency that could help us to get the most out of the platform and we didn't have the internal expertise to do so. Our first port of call was to look for help with partners and Brand chemistry was one of those.

Emma Downham, Client Strategy and Delivery Lead, Brand chemistry: Higgins were facing a number of challenges before they engaged Brand chemistry. One of the biggest challenges was data visibility between HubSpot and their CRM. They had limited in-house resources to be able to produce the content they needed to support a content marketing strategy.

Nicole: We were very much excited to implement an inbound marketing strategy, but we didn't want to do it alone. And we knew that we needed a team of experts to help us with that rather than just hiring someone to do it and that's why Brand chemistry fit the bill.

Emma: With Higgins, we're using inbound marketing as a strategic approach to use content to attract and convert leads and move them further down the funnel.

Nicole: My team and I love working with Brand chemistry. You really are getting a team of experts who are specialists in their own individual fields and that's what we love about them. You can go with a problem and there'll be a solution. What I also enjoy is that you're not made to feel like every other client. You really form a great relationship with the team and they are just as much invested in our business goals as we are.

Emma: What makes Brand chemistry unique in these kinds of inbound marketing partnerships is that we take the time to build a relationship with clients and understand their core issues. We're a partner for the long haul and we work really well together to collaborate on ideas and get information from each other.

Nicole: The experience has been exceptional from start to finish. In the last few years, we've seen a huge growth in our online leads that have come through, our inbound revenues tripled, and overall our online brand has really increased its presence. We get incredible commentary from our clients, our prospects, and our employees as well around how our brand is represented well online. And that's as a result of the work that we've done with Brand chemistry.

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