Over the last year, a new breed of on-page optimisation tools have entered the digital space. They allow non-technical staff to quickly and easily run A/B, or even multi-variable tests, so that landing pages can be reviewed, analysed and improved. Increasing conversion rates of landing pages is a no-brainer - if you can double the percentage of visitors who are converting, then you only need to attract half the number of visitors to that page through expensive promotion.

A good option is Optimizely. Easy to install and navigate, b2b marketers can use it independently to optimise landing pages and increase conversions. Plus, they give you access to templates of their highest converting landing pages, so you can take advantage of the thousands of tests that have already been completed and evaluated.

For an eye-opening view on how users actually interact with your website, Crazy Egg can’t be beaten. It creates heat maps that allow you to see where users are clicking on your site and how far down the page they scroll. For a guide to helping you ensure that the most important content on your page gets seen, Crazy Egg is unmatched.


Brand chemistry is a strategic content marketing agency that goes the extra mile to deliver results for our b2b clients. Take a look at our client case studies to find out more.

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