Predictable, scalable lead generation, nurture and sales

Why do you need it?

B2b buyers have more information at their fingertips than ever before. They diagnose their own problems, search for solutions and get recommendations online from experts and peers, without ever wanting to speak to a sales person.

What does it do?

Inbound marketing is a data and content-led approach that helps you attract active buyers to your site, nurture them into leads and convert them to customers. It is a highly personalised, scalable method of marketing using content that is aligned to your buyer's needs at each stage of the buying process.

How do we help you do it?

We help b2b businesses that understand inbound marketing is an opportunity, but are unsure of where to start or how to execute strategically.

We deliver inbound marketing success via strategy consulting and/or retained execution, which includes all aspects of inbound marketing, growth-driven design and sales enablement. We also supply training and mentoring to companies wanting to upskill their in-house teams.

Why us?

We are a data-led strategic agency. This means that everything we do is focused on the outcome, but also deepens our understanding of the information your customers are searching for.

We have an enviable track record of producing strong ROI for our b2b customers - which is why they tend to stay with us year after year.

Renee Welsh, Booking Boss

"The results speak for themselves! I firmly believe we have been able to achieve this level of success and continue to do so because of the collaborative relationship we have with the Brand Chemistry team. They are an exceptional team, they have made it their mission to really understand our business and we are thrilled to have found them."


If you’re looking for help with inbound marketing for your business, get in touch today.