Attract and nurture your ideal buyers, from awareness to sales

Why do you need it?

Content marketing is proven to deliver high quality leads, a strong and measurable ROI, and assists businesses to develop strong, trusting relationships with relevant buyer groups. With diminished buyer trust in advertising, content is now the b2b marketing imperative.

What does it do?

Content marketing is the consistent production of highly valuable and relevant content for your buyers, at each stage of their buyer journey. It is a strategic and data-driven activity that is designed to drive profitable customer interactions.

How do we help you do it?

We have a solid track record of helping clients with their content marketing strategy, content production, online PR, influencer marketing, social media marketing and lead nurturing. We even deliver training in any of these areas, if you prefer to upskill your in-house team.

Why us?

At Brand chemistry, our in house strategists and brand journalists plan and create content that is not only relevant to the buyer’s needs and context, it is substantial, valuable and engaging.  

We believe in quality over quantity - creating and publishing the kind of content that is not only beautiful to read, but that works beautifully too. Our proven process produces content that builds trust and credibility and results in profitable interactions.

What’s more, we deepen our knowledge of your buyer persona’s needs and content preferences over time, through testing and behavioural data analysis. That way we can be sure to deliver content assets that continue to deliver results long after they first went live.



Grosvenor's Stefan Gassner

Brand chemistry’s expertise in content development produced an excellent product that has been well-received by the procurement community and lead to great results for us.


If you’re looking to build trust, credibility and profit through content marketing, get in touch today.