Grosvenor Management Consultants’ Program Evaluation practice helps government and government-funded organisations measure the impact of their programs, providing recommendations to continually improve.

Grosvenor had already started some content marketing for all their practice areas, but the consultancy saw the need to further improve the strategic direction and overall effectiveness of their efforts. They were looking for ways to further increase their reach, move prospects down the sales pipeline and build up the practice leads as thought leaders in their area of expertise.

new visitors through referrals
new contacts through form submission

Grosvenor felt that there was a huge opportunity for them to leverage program evaluation – but when you’re juggling multiple practice areas and personas, knowing where to start can be a challenge. So they turned to Bc for assistance.

Persona workshops with Grosvenor and research revealed that program evaluators and project managers are the buyers and influencers of Program Evaluation Services. However, it turned out that the two functions speak a different language, which often creates friction in the relationship.


Bridging the gap

While program evaluators want project managers to evaluate their programs with academic rigour, research showed that they didn’t use language that project managers understood. Even when project managers wanted to get evaluation help, the content was not accessible or actionable.

The majority of best practice in evaluation therefore remained in the clever heads of the evaluators. What an opportunity for Grosvenor to bridge that gap! Bc identified that the consultancy needed accurate, well-researched yet approachable content that would appeal to both program evaluators and program managers.


The Strategy

Bc developed a three-phased content strategy that was designed to:

  • Amend and optimise existing content
  • Nurture subscribers through the buying process, and
  • Develop Grosvenor’s position as a thought leader.

Bc kicked this off by editing and repurposing Grosvenor’s existing blog posts into an eBook entitled “Program Evaluation: a Plain English Guide.” To make the theoretical concepts more relatable and accessible to program managers, Bc framed this around a hypothetical program scenario. We also optimised the existing blog posts for the now more clearly defined target audience and added calls-to-action to prompt readers to download the eBook.

Bc further helped Grosvenor nurture the leads through the buying process with a simple nurture stream that featured content appealing to buyers at consideration and validation stage.

Grosvenor's Dana Cross

Brand chemistry helped us clarify and better target the needs of our program evaluation clients enabling us to produce more relevant and compelling content. This has led to great results and increased visibility in the program evaluation community.”


The Results

The success of the piece was unprecedented, generating:

  • 1563 new visitors through referrals
  • 1111 new contacts through form submission
  • Opportunities to quote

Not bad for one piece of content! So much was its appeal that it was featured on the Primary Health Care Research and Information Service, Australian Policy Online and Better Evaluation; a huge win for a small consultancy.


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