Grosvenor Management Consulting has built a stellar reputation for delivering quality service to clients in both the private and public sector.

However, when competing against some of the bigger professional services brands, Grosvenor consultants were unsure about their competitive differentiation, and more importantly, how to phrase it.

Feeling they were so much more than navy suits in a sea of navy suits, Grosvenor was ready to articulate what made them special, to help them stand out in the crowd.
A whole new look and feel that communicates complete assurance
A more streamlined service offering
A new, modernised website with more intuitive navigation

After getting to know the team, suppliers and clients, it didn’t take us long to realise that Grosvenor’s branding wasn’t maximising their best asset – their outstanding culture of ‘rightness’. This was something so ingrained that they no even longer noticed it; it had simply become part of the furniture. It was clear that their ethics, diligence and complete commitment to their clients. Client interviews revealed the confidence that clients felt as a result was an incredibly strong brand message that needed to be brought right to the fore.

Once the brand promise had been articulated, Brand chemistry helped Grosvenor to simplify the buyer’s website journey, streamline the service packaging, optimise the copy and simplify the navigation - making it easier for buyers to find the information they need.

Grosvenor's Jade Hall

“Bc has been instrumental in helping us define our brand and positioning. Not only have they helped us articulate that to the wider world, they’ve also brought renewed understanding and focus to what our clients love and need from us.”


The Results

  • A whole new look and feel that communicates complete assurance.

  • Streamlined services – fewer categories, more intuitive and benefit-led offerings.

  • A new, modernised website with intuitive navigation, that reflects Grosvenor’s brand attributes and personality (check it out).

  • A brand charter that tells the powerful brand story and gives guide directives to keep the brand consistent through every touchpoint.


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