At Bc, we see this all the time when we’re assessing companies’ content marketing. People are frustrated with their so-called "b2b lead generation blogs", because they’re just not attracting the amount of traffic they want. They feel like they’re doing everything right: they’ve created a strong, solid foundation, and they’ve since been publishing content like clockwork. But, for some reason, it’s just not working.

If this sounds like you, then brace yourself for some tough love: it’s not them, it’s you. Or, more specifically, your content.

I know that was tough to hear. But I’m here to help.

Here are our big 3 b2b lead generation blog tips to save your content from obscurity.

Tip no. 1: Irrelevance = death

Of your blog, that is.

The absolute fastest way to kill your blog is by posting content your visitors don’t care about. So when you’re considering a topic, ask yourself, ‘Is this something my readers would find useful or interesting? Would they get value out of this?’

It might be useful at this point to revisit your personas and reacquaint yourself with their challenges. What is going to help them get through their day-to-day? Maybe it’s:

  • An update on the latest industry trend
  • An in-depth article that really gets to the heart of a topic
  • A step-by-step explanation of how to do something (extra points if it’s something complex that people struggle with)
  • A few handy tips on how to solve a problem (kinda like this one)

The beauty of keeping a laser-focus on your personas is that it also helps you stay within your niche. We often see b2b lead generation blogs try to cover a broad range of topics in order to cast a wider net (and, yes, I’ll admit it probably makes it a whole lot easier to come up with ideas too).

What often happens, though, is you end up creating a lot of generic posts that only skim the surface of topics, and therefore offers no real value. And, turns out, a blog for everyone is a blog for no one.

So own your niche. And own your expert status within that niche. That is how you create a band of loyal followers that will keep coming back for more.

Tip no. 2: Dare to be different

There seems to be this perception that b2b blogs have to be super formal and professional. But this makes for stilted, stuffy and – I’ll just come right out and say it – boring posts.

There’s nothing wrong with injecting a little personality and individuality into your posts. Not only is personable copy more fun to read, it’s also more fun to write, so it’s a win-win.

ballerinas-blogging tips for b2b marketing.pngBe honest – which of these ballerinas would you rather be?

Imagine having a conversation with someone about the topic at hand. How would you go about conveying the information to them? You’d probably use a more casual tone, and simple, straightforward language. You might show some emotion, or express empathy for the person you’re conversing with. Maybe you’d even throw in some humour, or a personal anecdote.

The tools you use to connect with people when you’re having a conversation are the same tools you should use to connect with your readers when you’re writing a post. Readers want to know there’s a human behind that screen.

It might also help to think about your brand personality and what characteristics you want to convey. (Bonus tip: knowing your brand archetype can really help you get a handle on your brand’s particular characteristics.) Bearing these characteristics in mind when writing will help to make sure your messaging is consistent throughout.

Don’t be afraid to be a little bit controversial either. If you have an opinion about something, express it, even if you think it might be a bit unpopular. Making a few waves demonstrates you’re an industry leader, not a follower, and it’s a great way to get noticed and spark a dialogue.

Tip no. 3: Include a call-to-action (CTA)

When it comes to moving readers along their buyer journey and driving leads, a CTA is indispensable. That’s why every post you write should end with one.

Note, this is not where you promote your product; rather, this is where you invite readers to sign up for your email newsletter, or encourage them to download a super-useful ebook or template that relates to the topic at hand.

Again, it’s about providing value, thereby developing trust with your readers. And speaking of CTAs … (Wow, was that a seamless segue or what?)

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