In pursuit of functional beauty

The role of creative is to hold the receiver’s attention for as long as it takes to get the message across. For short-form content, this is tricky enough. For long-term content, it requires a clever and considered approach to the persona, the content and the context.

Brand chemistry is a brand and content agency, so we take great pride in creating content that is not just valuable and relevant, it is engaging, clever and memorable. 

Our in-house brand journalists, and digital and graphic designers work closely together to create an engaging digital experience that moves your buying persona enjoyably through their buying process.

Why us?

93% of human communication is visual.

Visual cues are the easiest way for human beings to digest information. We’ve developed a tendency to respond to imagery over thousands of years. That’s why you cannot (and should not) underestimate the importance of stunning creative for your marketing.

It is a crucial part of conveying your idea, product or generating leads by virtue of a message that shoots straight to the point of your objective. We apply creativity to make your product, brand or idea appear as interesting as it is!

Our creative team discovers extraordinary value for brands through inventive design. Every detail reflects our understanding of design history, the natural aesthetic for beautiful design and their impacts on human perception.

The process

Conceptual development
Conceptual development

Content creators and designers work together on written word and design to determine the angle most suited for your buyer at that moment. We focus on messaging and how to transfer this visually.


We provide the prototype so your team has every insight into the strategy and structure of the creative piece.


We implement the planned experience. Our solutions are always practical, but we’re not afraid to challenge design boundaries.


We involve you closely at each stage to ensure we’re on the right path. You get the benefit of our knowledge and experience, while still being in creative control.

Dr Stefan Gass, Grosvenor Management Consultants

Brand chemistry's expertise in content development produced an excellent product that has been well-received by the procurement community and lead to great results for us.


If you’re looking for a design experience designed for performance, data driven and functional beauty, let’s chat.