We help you build a compelling b2b brand that fuses logic with creativity to connect with your audience

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A strong brand is alchemistic and captures the hearts and minds of your audience. We help you articulate your business’ vision, purpose, promise and personality - the essential pillars of a strong brand. Our creative process delivers imagery and copy that makes your brand stand out.

At Brand chemistry, we’ve been helping b2b brands for over a decade.

Why us?

A compelling brand starts with a deep understanding of your customer. Our proprietary customer insight process is second-to-none, meaning that you will get to know your ideal audience better than yourself.

We understand that your brand is so much more than a logo or a slogan and have worked with over 50 new and evolving b2b organisations to help them figure out what makes them unique. What’s more, our clients work with senior consultants from the get-go. Because we understand that for a brand to be successful, you need key stakeholders on board, and a strong business case for the solution.

Our buyer insight process

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B2B brand positioning

An ideal starting point for any business that is struggling to articulate its differentiated value. Includes your promise, key messages, consumer insights and evidence.

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B2b brand strategy

The creative elements that will help you communicate your promise: your brand’s personality, creative element directives, behaviours, current and future opportunities, brand architecture and associations.

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B2b brand identity

Make your brand come alive through the visual execution of the positioning and strategy elements: your identity is your logo, colourways, imagery and graphic style and your basic stationery suite.

Booking Boss's Renee Welsh

“The Brand chemistry team has been able to breathe life into our brand, giving us a stronger, clearer voice and more importantly, a compelling position in the market. Our results speak for themselves. They are a joy to work with, exceptionally organised, responsive, accountable, on time and budget. In all honesty, you couldn’t choose a better agency to partner with, for your brand and business growth, than Brand chemistry.”


If you want to be clear on your differentiators and stop competing on price, give us a call.