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The digital world is changing:
What B2B marketers need to know

Learn how to optimise your marketing strategies for the changing digital environment.

A global pandemic, an economic recession, snap lockdowns, rapid digital transformation, changing news regulations, dramatic responses from Google and Facebook…

A lot has happened in the past year and the impact on digital marketing has been significant. Understanding these changes and the current direction of our digital world is critical for Australian B2B marketers who want to thrive in 2021.

Our free webinar addresses these issues and provides you with key information on:

  • The biggest changes to digital and how they impact B2B marketing
  • The best B2B marketing strategies for a successful 2021
  • Steps to maximise your marketing in the changing digital environment
  • How to future-proof your marketing operations against the impact of the changing news regulations
  • Other tips and tools that we’ve picked up as a specialist B2B marketing agency over the last decade
  • And a Q&A session that answered questions from the audience!

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Your hosts

Andrea Hoymann

Andrea is a b2b digital marketing all-rounder with over 10 years of experience in building brands through content.

With a background in journalism, she enjoys developing campaigns that embed brands within the current cultural context to maximise relevance, engagement and demand, while not losing sight of producing evergreen content to drive search traffic.


Sylvie Wilson

With over eight years’ experience in digital marketing, social media and SEO, Sylvie has worked across a diverse range of industries to deliver high-value marketing strategies and results.

Brand chemistry's Sylvie Wilson

"The team at Brand chemistry are highly knowledgeable and experienced marketers. I’ve had the pleasure of listening to them speak live on b2b brand, b2b marketing and b2b sales enablement several times during the last year at the HubSpot User Groups.

The Bc guys always inspire and challenge us to strive for better results - plus they're excellent company - down-to-earth, witty and don’t take themselves too seriously. Do yourself a favour and attend one of their events."

Rachael Fahey
General Manager - Marketing and Communications
SAGE Group