We help your sales and marketing departments get on the same page and achieve true collaboration to accelerate sales.

To be effective in b2b sales, you need an alchemic mix of the right customer and product information, as well as killer content and tools. Brand chemistry works hard to ensure your sales team has exactly what they need to engage the buyer, right throughout the sales process.

To smash revenue goals, marketing and sales need to be completely aligned - working together as a single team. Teams now must agree on and work together on:

Sales and revenue goals
Roles and responsibilities of each team
Activities, KPIs, tools and metrics to measure progress
Sales process sequences, tools and timing required to get results
Prospect, qualified lead and customer definitions 
Sales strategies that get targeted results
Ongoing collaboration and tracking with hard data

We help you get the necessary tools that enable meaningful sales conversations.

Why us?

The only metric that really matters is revenue.

Brand chemistry gets under the skin of the entire customer journey via our customer insight process. We then discover where the gaps are in your marketing and sales processes, and begin to plug those gaps, measuring each piece with hard data as we go. 

And while sales enablement might be the latest buzzword about town, you can rest assured that Brand chemistry has been working in this space for years.

Our sales enablement services include:

Sales and Marketing Alignment

Defining lifecycle and deal stages accurately

Creating Sales and Marketing SLAs

Improving agreement and collaboration

Creating joint goals

Sales Process Design

Understanding the deal stages in the sales process

What activity, tools and tactics need to happen at each stage?

CRM set-up to track the success of your sales activity by deal stage

Training and Mentoring

Social sales training and mentoring

Account-Based marketing execution mentoring

Consultative sales training

Sales-Enabling Content

Bottom-of-the-funnel offers e.g. audit, diagnostics, consultations

Interactive assessments for prospect information gathering

Product demo design

Case studies

Brand chemistry's expertise in content development produced an excellent product that has been well-received by the procurement community and lead to great results for us.


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