Get the intelligence you need to connect with your best customers.

All effective b2b marketing starts with understanding your buyers’ needs and intents.

Our customer intelligence process uncovers important aspects of your customers’ behaviour. 

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Key steps in your buyers' journey
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Your buyers’ needs at every touchpoint
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Search triggers for your product
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Customer priorities and focus areas
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Decision criteria for your category

We then use these customer intelligence to paint a complete picture of your best buyer.


Why us?

At Brand chemistry, our strategists and brand journalists develop multi-dimensional buyer personas. Our proprietary process, developed and refined over a decade, enables us to understand your buyer’s priorities, decision criteria, perceptions, buying journey and more.

We don't stop there. Hot on the tails of your buyer persona, we then create a prospect fit matrix, to focus in on your most likely and profitable segments.

We continue to deepen our knowledge of your buyer persona’s needs and preferences over time, through content testing and behavioural data analysis. 

Don't waste time and money wondering if you're targeting the right fit customer. Be certain, with our proprietary process. 


Our buyer insight process

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Understand who your primary buying personas are, get participation and buy-in from key stakeholders, name and scaffold each key buying persona.

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Deep Dive Research

Validate our workshop findings, and deepen our understading of buyer's needs.

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Behavioural Analysis

Content and marketing automation develops cumulative intelligence over time.

Indicium's Manish Goklaney

“Brand chemistry did their homework so thoroughly, they really got under the skin of the business, showed us how we were viewed by our clients, and delivered some amazing insights about our company that we’d been too involved to see ourselves.”


If you’re looking to get company-wide understanding of your b2b buyers and influencers, get in touch today.