Embrace change and achieve growth, with data-driven marketing.

Why do you need it?

Content marketing, or - giving away free content to build relationships - can seem counter-intuitive to those in the monetised content business. And yet, data-driven content marketing helps these types of businesses to better understand their customers, strengthen their thought leadership positioning, increase reach and gain new business.

What does it do?

Inbound marketing supported by automation tools can help you quickly and easily identify upsell opportunities based on your audience's engagement with free content, nurturing and measuring the buyer’s level of engagement with you.

How do we help you do it?

We have a solid track record of helping clients in the events and publishing industry with their brand development, value propositions, content marketing strategy, content production, online PR, influencer marketing, social media marketing and lead nurturing. We even deliver training in any of these areas, if you prefer to upskill your in-house team.


Our brand strategists, content strategists and technologists get right under the skin of what makes your event or publication compelling for your market. We also deepen our knowledge of your buyer persona’s needs and preferences over time, through content testing and behavioural data analysis.

So whether you’re trying to build awareness, clarify your value proposition, onboard customers at a rapid pace, or monetise your offering and validate your hard work, we’re your team.

Brand strategists illustration


Find your compelling proposition for your market

Develop your memorable identity

Connect with your community


Understand your buyers and influencers

Find out what they value most

Discover your single most compelling unit of value


Enable your sales team with the right process, tools and timing

Define your deal stages, see where bottlenecks exist

Align sales and marketing definitions and KPIs for optimum growth performance


Build a relationship with your target audience by providing the information they need, where they’ll find it

Use content to nurture your prospects through to sales opportunity and beyond

Grow awareness and sales while deepening behavioural and demographic insights


Build simple, clever websites with clear conversion paths

Optimise the website over time using real user data

Product and pricing pages that convert visitors into paying customers

Hannover Fair's John Wilson
“I would certainly recommend Brand chemistry if you are looking to create an effective content marketing strategy. We are definitely increasing our investment in content over the next year.”

If you’re looking to build trust, credibility and profit through content marketing, get in touch today.