Rachael Fahey, General Manager, Marketing and Communications at SAGE Automation:

So the SAGE group of companies essentially bring together really smart people and the latest technology to create solutions for our industrial clients that make the world a better place.

We have five brands in our portfolio and my team and I look after our digital marketing, some events, and public relations.

We had two main challenges before engaging with Brand chemistry:

  1. The first was actually measuring the effectiveness of what we were doing
  2. And the second was reaching new markets and just doing some new things to try and support the growth of our business

We made the selection of Brand chemistry just having faith that there was a full suite of specialists who were going to be able to support us - we were approaching a whole new type of marketing, so having that support was really important to make sure it was successful.

So I would describe Brand chemistry as extremely knowledgeable in this particular area around branding and content management, and all the strategy around that. They're very collaborative in their approach to working with clients, and they're loads of fun to work with too, it's a really enjoyable process.

Brand chemistry's helped me to overcome our challenges in three key ways:

  1. The first one being strategic - so really looking at the way we go to market and helping us put some rigour around that thought process.
  2. The second is around the execution of our plan, so putting into place the processes and the practicalities of delivering a solid content strategy.
  3. And the third area is around mentoring, so around supporting our staff as they've learned these new processes and helping us to develop the skill sets that we need to be successful.

One of the key highlights in working with Brand chemistry has been one particular project and that was rebranding one of our existing brands - our core brand - it was a really collaborative process in revisiting our market position, redoing all the style - we've developed a beautiful style for our business, and we're rolling that out across our businesses now - the decor and the feel and everything around our office is amazing.

To other businesses looking to use Brand chemistry, just make that first initial phone call and have a conversation and talk about what you need, and listen to some of the solutions might be available.

If you’d like some strategic marketing assistance, get in touch today.

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