Keep up the momentum 

The average time to fill a vacant role right now is 82 days - and with the shortage of digital marketing skills here in Australia, finding good marketing people is tricky.  

But what if you could maintain your marketing momentum while you search? Our whip-smart team can take a whole-of-program handover in two short weeks. From there, we can competently and professionally keep your campaigns firing while you take your time to choose the right person. 

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Speed and quality at excellent value

Did you know, the average annual salary for a digital marketer is more than Brand chemistry’s average retainer contract? 

A whole team that’s dedicated to you

And how about a team that is built for collaboration? Brand chemistry is a customer-first b2b digital agency that’s designed to work as an extension of your team.

Marketing Manager

Will develop deep knowledge about your business over time. Usually has many things to manage that go way beyond digital!


  • Dedicated team of specialists
  • Extension of your team
  • Strategy, content creation, reporting, digital marketing, data and tech, sales enablement and more.

Here’s how we do it 

Week one: Handover


We’ll analyse your funnel, your tech set-up, personas and product, getting under the skin of all the important points and nuances in your market. You’ll populate the handover document that gives us access to any platforms or background info we’re going to need. 

Week two: Planning


Let’s devise the best place to start. If it is taking over a current campaign, we can get straight into execution. If it is planning your next big campaign, we’ll step into planning. Meanwhile, we’ll be getting into your platforms and familiarising ourselves with your data set-up, to ready ourselves for action.

Week three: Let's go

Let’s go!

By week 3, we can take the reins of your paid media, social, content production and anything else that is currently in the market. We’ll also do the campaign planning for anything else upcoming.

Why Bc?


We’re a b2b agency. We live it, we love it, and we don’t do anything else. Our specialist knowledge ensures our clients’ brands are imagined, activated and thriving through all stages of the customer lifecycle.


We’re strategic, experienced and customer-led. Every recommendation we make is backed by customer data, contextual experience and strategic understanding. That means fast, impactful results.


100% transparent, you see what we see. We’re known for our authentic, transparent and communicative delivery that helps our clients feel calm. We’re also just nice people who love being part of the client’s team.

The b2b agency you hire when you don’t
want to work with an agency

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