Why you need a mobile site for your business

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Recent research published in the Business Insider has revealed that Australians are leading the smartphone revolution, with most Australians using their smartphones to search, make purchases and use social media. According to Deloitte’s Mobile Consumer Survey 2018, 89%of Australians now own a smartphone, up from 88% in 2017.

But... (and this is the really amazing bit) according to 2017 research, still 29% of small businesses do not have a website, and of those that have a website, only 79% are mobile friendly.

How can b2b marketers bridge this massive gap with such an importance on mobile websites?

One quick and cost-effective solution is to build a mobile version of your desktop website.

A mobile site differs from your main site in 2 main ways:

Easy to navigate content:

Mobile content that can be easily and comfortably read on a smartphone. Steer clear of content that requires lots of zooming and scrolling. Most smartphone users are either quickly searching for contact information, or sitting in transit with a spare 15-50 minutes to read content.

Strong call to action:

If people are searching your business from their mobile, often they are looking to contact you. Make sure your mobile site has a strong call to action : don’t forget phone, email and map details.

On way in which your mobile site shouldn’t differ from your main site is its look and feel. Your mobile site should reflect your brand at least as much as your main site. Make sure it doesn’t let the side down.

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