How Brand Champions can make or break your brand

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Investing in a new brand is an important and exciting process. Once you have nailed your new positioning and identity it is only natural to want to launch immediately to the market. But before you catapult your new brand to internal and external audiences, consider who will be your internal ‘Brand Champion’.

Brand Champions

No matter their company size, powerful b2b brands appoint a person (yes, a real, live one!) who advocates the brand, guards it against negativity and helps the rest of the team to embody the brand promise. Brand Champion marketing is great because it builds brands from the inside out. It leads the charge in making sure everyone (internal and external) believes in the brand promise and attaches to the new brand.

Different types of Brand Champion

The Advocate

Without sounding like a corporate puppet, the Brand Champion is a vocal cheerleader for the brand. The Brand Champion motivates and encourage employees and end users to believe in the brand.

The Older Brother

Just like an older brother, the Brand Champion protects the brand against negativity. When problems related to the brand arise, the Brand Champion identifies them so they can be rectified.

The Whisperer

A good Brand Champion understands the end user, viewing the brand not just from an internal perspective but from the client’s perspective too. The whisperer helps project the brand image to the outside world.

The Teacher

The Brand Champion makes sure internal and external audiences understand the brand and the message it’s projecting, as well as educating internal teams about the nature of the brand and what it means for their daily behaviour.

Does your brand need a Champion?

If your brand is struggling to stay afloat, perhaps it’s time you thought about a Brand Champion. But remember: even though Brand Champions fly the flag for your brand, it will take the effort of your complete team to build your brand: a good Brand Champion can help pull all this together. (Just don’t forget their special cape and make sure they remember to wear their underpants on the outside of their clothing).

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