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So you’ve 300 (or 3, or maybe 30, or even 3,000) people liking your Facebook page.

Congratulations! This is a fine and lovely thing, and certainly not to be sniffed at.

And don’t get me wrong, here at Brand chemistry we love our Facebook ‘page likes’, we really do. But we’ve been doing a lot of thinking about social - and a lot of talking about how we know when it’s really and truly earning its keep.

So here’s the thing: 300+ Facebook page likes does not equal high quality engagement. In plainer English, just because people have liked your page at some stage, doesn’t mean they are really in to your brand or content today! Did they like you years ago, and now you’re lying forgotten in obscurity? Did they just hit like in response to a freebie, promotion or competition? How many of your fans are the decision-makers you really want to be targeting? (Your husband / wife / best mate from high school doesn’t count!)

The brutal truth is that the number of likes your page receives is no real indication of how engaging your Facebook page is. Sure they help your Facebook ranking (and the number of times you appear in someone’s newsfeed), but in order for your efforts to be truly effective, we need to be much smarter than that.

We were recently discussing this issue with the super-smart trainers at Digital Connections and they shared some great metrics with us for measuring true Facebook engagement – take a look below:

Engagement Rate

Want to know how your fans are really engaging with a post? Take the average number of likes, comments and shares your post has generated, and divide it by the total number of fans for the page. Anything between 2 and 5% is good, anything under 1% is… well, not so good.

Response rate

Ask your fans a question and see how many respond. (Anyone out there…?)

“Talking about” metrics

Here are some other indicators beside ‘page likes’ which can show you how much your fans are interacting with your brand:

  • Posts on your wall
  • Comments, likes, tags and shares of your posts
  • Event RSVPs
  • Links to your page and / or posts in other posts

Keep a note of these and you’ll soon start to gather some eye-opening insights about how engaged your Facebook audience really is, as well as learning which content is making them prick up their ears, and which is leaving them cold.

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