Facebook finally gets serious for b2b marketing

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Facebook has long been seen as the sexy b2c social channel where b2b-ers didn’t get a look in. Meanwhile, thanks to specialised targeting and efficiency, LinkedIn has been working its socks off to provide for b2b marketing on social media.

But with plenty of evidence to support the value of social media in the b2b mix, Facebook is finally getting in on the b2b act.

First, the bad news.

Last December, Facebook updated its algorithm and announced changes to how people see updates from individuals and Pages in their news feed. As a result, most business pages have seen a noticeable decline in organic reach.

To compensate, Page managers now need to ramp up paid Facebook ads spend to ensure that their stories appear in audience feeds.

Now, the good news.

To combat the decline in organic reach and drive audience numbers and engagement, Facebook is refining its ad targeting methods, including one golden nugget that pricked the ears of b2b marketers.

Starting in March, Facebook advertisers will be able to target users based on their employer and job title. Just like with LinkedIn. So marketers will finally be able to implement a b2b Facebook strategy to drive advertising messages to specified job roles or people who work at specific companies.

This opens up a new and valuable channel for b2b marketers to reach their target audience on a platform they already feel comfortable with.

Test and measure

This major development for the b2b world means that for the first time Facebook is trying to show b2b marketers some proper love. (Perhaps it's not surprising when you think about all the revenue we’ve delivered to LinkedIn.)

Targeting by company and role type is a tried and tested b2b approach and we’re confident it should provide audience engagement and conversations on Facebook. We’ll soon start testing the refined targeting, both for ourselves and our clients. So watch this space to learn more about how to use Facebook for b2b marketing.

Will you be trying the refined Facebook targeting in March? We’d love to know! Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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