b2b marketing trends of 2011-2012

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Just been looking at some interesting data published by Green Hat, ADMA and the AMI. The report ‘B2B Marketing Outlook Australia 2012’, throws some interesting light on b2b marketing spend and trends of the last year, as well as predictions for the future.

Despite the wobbly start of 2011, 2 out of every 5 b2bs actually increased their marketing budgets for 2012. Around half of us have seen no change (phew), and only around 10% have had their budgets cut. Interestingly it’s been the larger b2b organisations who have really had to scale down their marketing budgets this year.

Of course the big news is about where the budgets are going: in the ever-growing pressure to prove ROI, digital is fast catching up with offline marketing in b2b, and is predicted to overtake offline by 2014. Also interesting to read there has been a shift in focus from attracting new leads to nurturing existing ones – sounds sensible to us.

So it seems there are 3 main themes emerging for b2bs for 2012: relationship-building, measurability and digital. That’s 3 of our favourite things here at Brand chemistry! (Did they miss cake off the list?).

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