5 easy tips to optimise your PPC mobile strategy

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We all know that mobile device adoption is increasing. So it is only natural that your potential clients are using mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets to browse the Internet and make buying decisions. Recently Google made it even easier to optimise your PPC campaigns for mobile with enhanced campaigns.

In this blog we put together 5 easy tips to help make sure you are using the best practices when it comes to optimising your PPC campaigns for mobile – even after you sign up for enhanced campaigns (if using Google).

  1. Click to call - Make sure your customers can easily get in touch with your business by including a clickable phone number in your mobile search ads. This phone number needs to be serviced at all times - or at least during business hours. There is no bigger let down for a lead than to not get through the first time.
  2. Compelling offer - We all know the drill, it's marketing 101, BUT so many people do not do it! Include a compelling offer to increase conversion to enquiry rates. Do be careful to not discount your brand value or positioning though.
  3. Mobile bids - Choose a mobile bid adjustment yourself and control your ad position, clicks and overall cost on mobile devices. Depending on your business, it might make sense to bid lower, the same or higher for mobile clicks than desktop clicks. A quick look at your Analytics will be able to tell you the percentage of visits to your site fromo mobile devices.
  4. Ad extensions - Location extensions display your business phone number and directions to help customers get an idea of where you are. This is important in b2b marketing as many business like to deal with other businesses in their area or give first preference to local businesses.
  5. Ad site links - Site links direct users to specific pages of your website, which you can test with various content. The new enhanced settings only allow you a 25 character limit, so it is much more mobile friendly. The site links also allow businesses to give a full snapshot of services offered without having to waste the whole text ad explaining it.

Now for the acid test: take two minutes to review your campaigns. Have you turned on Google enhanced campaigns? Are you optimised for mobile? And remember if you don’t have a mobile site – the full potential of mobile PPC optimisation is fruitless.

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